Best Pool Cleaning and Maintenance/Repair Services

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55555Cleaning Your Pool

Owning a swimming pool is a luxury add-on to your home and lifestyle, but it requires an efficient cleaning system to keep it enjoyable.

Appropriate cleaning supplies can aid in maintaining the cleanliness of your pool as well as testing supplies for checking pH levels.  Algae and other dangerous bacteria can breed in your pool if not monitored.

If your pool floor is slimy or your pool smells funny, your pH probably needs to be adjusted.  Unfortunately, small children and even some adults cannot control themselves and relieve themselves in the pool.

Pool chemicals are effective in ridding a pool of toxins and bacteria.  This includes chlorine, but there are other chemicals that can be used instead to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your pool.

Cleaning a swimming pool with the chemicals and cleaning supplies may see complicated to many people.  Mistakes can not  only damage your pool but also hurt swimmers as the types of chemicals used are very strong and must be applied correctly.

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66666Maintaining Your Pool

Swimming pool care not only includes the chemical application, brushing and vacuuming of the pool floor but occasional repair if the swimming pool.

Major repairs such as re-plastering may require you to contact a professional, but minor repair jobs can be done with repair kits.  You can purchase these repair kits from swimming pool supply companies.  Before beginning any repair, it is essential that you know the kind of swimming pool you have and the necessary supplies you’ll need.

Pool Repair Services

If you have an older IGunite or concrete inground pool which, as time goes on, require plaster pool repair services, you may notice cracking, chipping or hollow spots.  These problems may be repaired using swimming pool repair kits available on the market.

Pools made of fiberglass may develop bubbles or blisters with cracks.  Using a fiberglass pool repair kit which you can purchase from a marine and boat supply store or a swimming pool supplier, you can fix these problems relatively easily.  The drawback to these types of pool repairs on fiberglass is that it is difficult to get a perfect match on the color.  Your patch may be easily visible.

Pool repair services on vinyl lined and vinyl pools are the easiest to do on your own provided you can find the crack or leakage source.

If you find that the pool repair service is too much for you, call us at (866) 95-PINKS (74657) for an evaluation, quote, or referral to a contractor (if the job is a larger crack, filtration, or plumbing issue).